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The Healthy Weight For Life™ - Heart Health Program is a unique step by step treatment process that is delivered in 3 structured phases over 18 weeks. All the elements of the program are carefully co-ordinated to help you learn and maintain important new habits for life.


How will the program help me?

The Healthy Weight For Life™ Heart Health Program is designed to help with weight loss, energy balance and practical behaviour modifications.

All the elements of the program are carefully co-ordinated to help you learn and maintain important new habits for life.

The step by step program consists of 3 structured phases, run over 18 weeks. Each 6 week phase includes:

  • Portion control eating plan (including KicStart™ VLCD meal replacements) – this shows you how to select the right combination of food and drink in the right quantities, every day at every meal.
  • Activity plan – aiming to build up to at least 30 minutes of your favourite physical activity every day – this could be walking, cycling, swimming or even dancing or a combination.
  • Education – Carefully planned modules to build up knowledge and critical practical skills over time for making  behaviour and lifestyle changes that are going to stay with you.
  • Personalised online, progress and satisfaction tracking (phone and mail alternatives also available)
  • Monitoring and engagement – Personal motivation, support and advice  to help boost your confidence and motivation via phone, SMS, email, message board and post.


We are always here to help

Your highly experienced Healthy Weight For Life™ Team (including a pharmacist, dietitian, occupational therapist, nurses and program navigators) are on hand to help you Be Better and achieve your goals.

We want to ensure you feel confident as you progress through the 18 weeks of the program and beyond.

We encourage multiple communication methods because we want to make it as easy as possible for us to stay in touch with each other – phone, email, SMS, online message board and mail.

We are available to help with any questions, to work through any difficulties, as well as to celebrate your successes along the way.





Additional Help, Information, Support

For additional help, information or support please don't hesitate to contact the Healthy Weight For Life team at any time on

Phone: 1800 226 180 (free call)
Email:  hwflheart@hwfl.com.au
Web:   http://hearthealth.hwfl.com.au

Complaints or Concerns

If you have a complaint or concern about any aspect of the Healthy Weight for Life program please don't hesitate to contact Luke Lawler, Prima Health Solutions Pty Ltd Scientific Director directly, on

Phone: 1800 226 180 (free call)
Email: luke@primahealth.com.au


About Prima Health Solutions

PRIMA is a quality certified health care organisation (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015) that is dedicated to the research, development and remote delivery of specialised obesity related chronic disease management and prevention products and programs.

The PRIMA products and services include KicStart™ VLCD, the Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight for Life program, the Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Healthy Weight for Life™ programs.