Member Stories

These inspirational members have kindly shared their stories with the hope of motivating others. 

David at week 18 - December 2019

The program worked for me, starting the day with the shake set things off on a good start, support was great along the way and hopefully I can continue towards a healthier lifestyle. The main thing I have had to tell my partner who is now on the program is that it isn't a magic potion, just having the shakes alone is not going to change things, using the program as a whole is.

HCF member at week 18 - October 2019

 I went from size 24 pants size to 14 in this program, I am now confident socially and I enjoy going to events with my amazing family, my
anxiety has come to a near end with only flare ups in highly stressful situations but I would happily say that they would be normal anxiety levels given high stress situations. I can horse ride again. Go on amusement rides and I enjoy the beach and pools again due to my confidence and self love I have gain through weight loss, I am motivated to reach career goals and life goal through the mentality of my weight loss goals I have aimed for and met, most of all medically I have reversed many PCOS symptoms I have struggled with for over a decade, managed anxiety and blood pressure and also tolerate the heat much better than prior to this program, I feel
and look younger and I honestly feel it lowered the age I feel by 10 years or more. I will be taking on board all of what I have learnt and will be applying it for life, my mindset and food mentally has changed for the good, for good!

Janet at week 18 - February 2019

I felt the programme was very straightforward with a lot of commonsense and not trying to force you to have to purchase lots of different food items to complete the programme - just keep to real food that can be purchased anywhere. As I said, I am addicted to the shakes - just love them for breakfast! thanks HWFL I appreciate your support throughout the programme, the phone calls, emails and messages to me."  "I felt I had someone looking out for me whenever I might have needed it. I knew what I had to do to lose weight and feel healthier but this programme gave me the push/shove I needed to get myself together.

Patricia at week 18 - March 2019

I thought I knew most things about healthy eating but I learned a lot more and how my body responded to eating healthy portions and foods, and the right type of physical activities.

I am focusing on my own physical and emotional health more now with more knowledge from this Program. Thank you so much for that. I will use the Disc Planner more to remind myself that less is more.