Member Stories

These inspirational members have kindly shared their stories with the hope of motivating others. 

Julie at Week 18 - June 2020

It has been so successful for me, so much guidance & info is supplied, staff are only a phone call away and always ready & knowledgeable with their advice. I never called it a diet but an eating program! I was educated in how much food I could eat & not feel hungry. It made me realise that I had the power to achieve my weight loss goal which made me so determined and the strength of mind not to waiver from that goal. 

Leanne at week 18 - May 2020

The HWFL program was easy to follow, provided substantial information and appropriate personalised support. The readability and sequencing of the chapters made the program attainable. The website, message board, the phone calls/texts and emails elevated the effectiveness of the program. Using the check in measurements was also great in terms of personal accountability. Having this as an education program as well as a weight loss program I think ensures sustainability. Also having the option to continue to use the digital platform and re-order shakes/soups adds to the potential lifelong success of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Shirley at week 18 - April 2020

It is an easy to follow and well supported program. The information and guidelines provided are realistic, providing everyday support and explanations. The way the breakfast, lunch and dinner options were listed was so easy to follow and remember for future reference. The book is a great asset to the program with very revealing information for use in life. It is easy to apply and doesn’t require anything special. A wonderful educational program!

Denis at Week 18 - March 2020

It helped me drop blood pressure medications, more energy and overall well being. Fitter than I was 18 weeks ago, dropped 10cm off belt size!

David at week 18 - December 2019

The program worked for me, starting the day with the shake set things off on a good start, support was great along the way and hopefully I can continue towards a healthier lifestyle. The main thing I have had to tell my partner who is now on the program is that it isn't a magic potion, just having the shakes alone is not going to change things, using the program as a whole is.

HCF member at week 18 - October 2019

 I went from size 24 pants size to 14 in this program, I am now confident socially and I enjoy going to events with my amazing family, my
anxiety has come to a near end with only flare ups in highly stressful situations but I would happily say that they would be normal anxiety levels given high stress situations. I can horse ride again. Go on amusement rides and I enjoy the beach and pools again due to my confidence and self love I have gain through weight loss, I am motivated to reach career goals and life goal through the mentality of my weight loss goals I have aimed for and met, most of all medically I have reversed many PCOS symptoms I have struggled with for over a decade, managed anxiety and blood pressure and also tolerate the heat much better than prior to this program, I feel
and look younger and I honestly feel it lowered the age I feel by 10 years or more. I will be taking on board all of what I have learnt and will be applying it for life, my mindset and food mentally has changed for the good, for good!

Janet at week 18 - February 2019

I felt the programme was very straightforward with a lot of commonsense and not trying to force you to have to purchase lots of different food items to complete the programme - just keep to real food that can be purchased anywhere. As I said, I am addicted to the shakes - just love them for breakfast! thanks HWFL I appreciate your support throughout the programme, the phone calls, emails and messages to me."  "I felt I had someone looking out for me whenever I might have needed it. I knew what I had to do to lose weight and feel healthier but this programme gave me the push/shove I needed to get myself together.

Patricia at week 18 - March 2019

I thought I knew most things about healthy eating but I learned a lot more and how my body responded to eating healthy portions and foods, and the right type of physical activities.

I am focusing on my own physical and emotional health more now with more knowledge from this Program. Thank you so much for that. I will use the Disc Planner more to remind myself that less is more.