Take action today. Get back to living life to the full.

The Healthy Weight For Life™ Heart Health program is run by Prima Health Solutions (PRIMA), to help eligible members of participating health funds manage a range of modifiable weight related risk factors, with the aim to improve your day-to-day living and reduce your overall cardiac risk at no cost.

Why take action today?

According to the World Health Organisation, a weight loss of up to 10%, for people carrying extra weight, improves blood glucose control, reduces both blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improves lung function and breathlessness, reduces the frequency of sleep apnoea, improves sleep quality, and reduces daytime drowsiness. And can also alleviate osteoarthritis, back and joint pain.


How will the program help me?

Consistent with the Australian best parctice treatment guidelines for intensive weight management, the program carefully integrates the following strategies to maximise your overall health, vitality and quality of life.

Weight loss and better nutrition – improves metabolism, energy levels and other health markers.
Regular physical activity – improves fitness and assists with weight loss and general wellbeing.
Education – helps build understanding of the issues and strategies.
Monitoring and engagement strategies – helps instil accountability and boosts motivation.


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Enrol online or call the Healthy Weight For Life Team on 1800 226 180 (free call) and we will send you a complete reply paid registration pack.

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